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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

UPDATE... Yangon, Myanmar June 25, 2008

Hello...I thought I'd post a brief update on what we are up to here in Myanmar....and what we have been able to accomplish during the past 13 days...

We now have dependable Internet service in our room...NOT always available here...three local SIM cards for our hand phones ...and while they do not allow us to make outgoing International Calls...they do allow us to communicate with other team members and our local NGO partners......Our Biz Cards are now in English / Myanmar / Burmese...We have car with reasonable air conditioning and a very good driver who understands English and actually knows where he is going....We also have some VERY good local contacts thanks to our good friends Chris C and Steve R...and three vetted, well organized local NGO partners and some cash which has been converted in to the local currency ready for our swoop thru the area.

Today we bought a truck load of food, medicines, clothing and other urgently needed items that we will deliver tomorrow to very dedicated young local couple who run a small orphanage with 19 children just outside Yangon...we met them through some good friends in the Philippines.

This coming Saturday we will be buying the first 6 Water Buffalo for a local version of The Buffalo Bank that we assisted setting up in the Philippines in 2002.

Next Saturday, July 5 th we have been invited to join another local NGO we have partnered with as they go into the devastated area to provide food to approx 2,500 people.

All in all I feel that we have done pretty well considering the real time situation that exists here.

Once again we have accomplished more with less.

Ed Artis-Yangon, Myanmar
Wednesday June 25, 2008

PS....The Photos that I have posted were taken in the small office that we have set up in our hotel in Yangon.