Visitors this Month

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

KI Humanitarian Mission to Myanmar

We currently have a small advance team working in Myanmar going through the process by which the required approvals are granted for any organization to be allowed to work in this country.

It is not a complicated process if you know someone who has been working here before and we have been lucky enough to meet a couple people here who have agreed to open some doors for us whereby we have been able to get our application before the decision makers within the first five days after our arrival. We should have a decision within the next five to seven days.

Unfortunatey there are a great many NGOs here, both large and small going through this process now and many of them are of the opinion that these approvals should simply be given with zero review or application process. This is like no other place in the world where we have is their way or no way...and trying to force the issue only sends you into a slot where you will be stuck waiting in your Hotel some cases a month or more.

Great people here and I am optimistic that we will know very soon what future, IF ANY we may have here.

Sir Edward Artis
Yangon, Myanmar